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NEWS > 22.04.2012 - Director Software Version 6.1 Released

Director Software Version 6.1 Released

Earlier this month, we released Director and Director Pro software version 6.1.0. This release adds additional enhancements such as support for FTP passive connection mode, ability to clear port peak statistics, support for udf_v4 filter configuration via the WebUI, configurable SyncE, several fixes in addition to SNMP MIB Enhancements.

With this release, we are supporting backward compatibility option for SNMP: The SNMP configuration commands have been updated to allow for selecting the backward compatibility option. SNMP set command now supports an additional parameter “old_trap_format”. This parameter takes “Y” or “N” as an input value. Setting this parameter to “Y” retains backward compatibility. SNMP show command displays the value for this parameter in the CLI.

Here are the summary of SNMP enhancements:

The two enterprise trap types, statusChangeNotif and configurationChangeNotif, are replaced with the following new dedicated traps, sufficient to allow NMS to identify which type of event is being reported based on the OID.
  • powerUpDownNotif
  • linkUpDownNotif
  • snmpStartNotif
  • snmpDownNotif
  • cfgCommitNotif
  • systemUpDownNotif
  • userLoginNotif
In addition, the MIB Syntax was corrected and conforms with SNMP v2 with minor exceptions. The exceptions consist of a few duplicate object names designed to maintain maximum backward-compatibility with the previous MIBs.

The MIB file is divided into three files:
  • NETOPTICS-MIB-DIRECTOR.txt, a dedicated MIB for the Director device
The last two files are Generic MIBs designed for reuse by other Net Optics products. The SNMP agent response time is improved as a result of the redesign of the MIB's device configuration section.

Backward compatibility mode:
Upon upgrade the MIB defaults to new implementation. The new MIB can be operated in backward compatible mode to work with previous versions. Backward compatibility can be set in the CLI in the SNMP configuration command.

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